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Healthy Eating

My aim is to provide children with a healthy, balanced and tasty diet using a variety of colours textures and tastes.



Drinks: water and/or sugar free fruit squash is available through out the day.

At meal and snack times there will be a choice of drinks such as:

*Sugar free fruit squash * milk * milk shake* water* pure fruit juice.



Meals such as:

Cereals* toast* crumpet* muffin* pancakes.




Fresh fruit, cheese crackers, bread sticks, corn cakes, oatcakes, crisps, biscuits, cracker breads, prawn crackers, dried fruit, pop corn, carrot sticks.


Lunch and Tea:

Meals such as:

vSandwiches with filling served with salad - fillings such as:

Egg* cooked meats*cheese*tuna* banana* spreads*Various

vsoups served with bread or cobs – such as: Tomato* chicken* vegetable* mushroom.

vToast with various toppings – such as: Beans * egg * spaghetti * Ravioli * cheese.

vCrackers with various toppings such as:

Egg * cooked meats * cheese * tuna * banana * spreads*

vPastries such as sausage roll, pasty served with either: Beans * salad

vNoodles with chicken. Served with salad.

vHot pot

vShepard’s pie with fresh vegetables.

vChilli with rice/jacket potato.

vSausage and mash.

vOven chips/smiley faces and chicken nuggets/fish cakes/fish fingers/vegetable finger

        /cheese and onion bake with beans / spaghetti.

vPizza with oven chips/garlic bread and salad.

vHash brown, sausage, and beans/tomatoes/spaghetti.

vJacket potato with cheese/ beans.

vHot dogs and fries.

vCod in sauce, oven chips and peas.

vChicken, noodles and sweet corn.

vCasserole and new potatoes.

vLasagne and salad.

vSpaghetti Bolognese.

vCurry with rice/naan bread

vAfter lunch and tea there will be a sweet available such as:

* Yoghurt * fresh fruit * biscuits* cake* jelly* rice pudding* instant whip* ice cream *

Pudding with custard * tinned fruit and cream* fruit crumble with custard